What is the #1 nicest dog breed?

The 20 friendliest dog breeds: Golden Retriever. It can be safely said that this breed is one of the nicest in existence.

What is the #1 nicest dog breed?

The 20 friendliest dog breeds: Golden Retriever. It can be safely said that this breed is one of the nicest in existence. When dogs were domesticated thousands of years ago, it was in their best interest that they evolved to court humans in search of food and shelter. And although each dog has a unique personality, some breeds tend to be a little more sociable than others, such as the pug, the Labrador retriever, the Boston terrier and the Poodle.

With their warm eyes and cheerful smiles, Labrador dogs are the image of kindness. That's probably why they've been the most popular dog breed in the United States for more than three decades, according to the American Kennel Club. Labradors were first bred to be companions of fishermen and women and then to be hunters. They love to be surrounded by people and maintain a sweet and carefree nature.

But they are dogs with a lot of energy that need strenuous exercise every day. Make your lab smile by taking it for a run every day, playing fetching, or throwing a Frisbee until you get tired; you'll most likely get tired before going to the lab. Golden Retrievers, another breed that has remained among the most popular breeds for decades, generally radiate kindness when interacting with people and other animals. Some of this comes down to to trust.

Goldens tend to have a cheerful attitude that helps them navigate the world with ease. In addition, a golden is almost always willing to sit or stay as long as a person wants. These dogs are excellent family pets, as they are always willing to play with children, to play tug-of-war or to an intense session of fetching. Beagles are a cheerful breed that genuinely enjoys spending time with people.

They are relatively active and love to play fetch or take long walks with their humans. They're always up for fun and are happy to cuddle up with their favorite people at the end of the day or spend time fighting with the kids. This faithful breed was developed to accompany hunters in packs, so beagles tend to get along very well with other dogs. However, they can sometimes get carried away by an interesting smell, so they should always wear a leash when they are out of the house or yard.

When it comes to Cavalier King Charles water dogs, their primary purpose throughout history has been to serve as companion animals. These dogs genuinely love people, so they demand a lot of attention and don't like to be left alone. But much of that attention may consist of simply hugging your dog on the couch. This is a kind, good-natured and affectionate breed that gets along very well with children, others dogs and cats that allow dogs.

While not the most athletic breed, they enjoy a walk with the kids, a walk around the neighborhood, or a regular game of searching. Irish setters have outgoing, clown-like personalities and a lot of energy, making them family favorites. Irish setters became popular in the 18th century throughout Ireland and the British Isles. Originally they were used to “hunt”, working closely with hunters, crouching close to birds so that they could approach and cast a net both at birds and at Dogs. Take a look at the 18 friendliest dog breeds that are sure to be a hit with families.

Some dogs are naturally programmed to worship people and, in many cases, other animals as well. Behavioral differences are related to the development of dogs' nervous systems, according to a study published in the journal Cell, scientists from the National Institutes of Health, and there are 10 genetically distinct lineages with similar traits. With their friendly demeanor and relaxing energy, Golden Retrievers are a wonderful pet to add to the family. Naturally, they made this list, since the Golden is usually one of the first dogs you think of when you think of the friendliest dog breeds.

As a breed, they are generally great with children and are known for being particularly loyal, big-hearted and sweet. With their adorable faces and wide smiles, you can't help but smile when you see a Pug. These friendly dogs love people, cuddles and affection, and can be tremendously mischievous. Pugs will certainly keep you entertained, as they are playful, cheerful and affectionate.

They make great companions and often love meeting new people. Loyal and eager to learn, the Border Collie loves being surrounded by people. Naturally, this makes them great working dogs and they are best known for their work on the farm raising sheep, but Border Collies are also incredibly affectionate dogs that are very well adapted to families. Alert and elegant, with great endurance, these cheerful canines are full of limitless energy and love to greet new people.

Thanks to its kind and loving nature, its cute appearance and its great intelligence, the Labradoodle is a great addition to the family. They're relatively easy to train and are both super cuddly and delightfully friendly to everyone who comes in contact with them. Just make sure you have enough space outside for them to roam around. Labradoodles have a lot of energy and need at least an hour or two of exercise per day.

The French Bulldog is a playful and energetic breed with a tremendously adorable personality, in an adorable miniature size (making it ideal for homes of any size). These affectionate canines usually welcome strangers invited to their home; they love people and are great with children. They also get along well with other pets, especially if they have been exposed to them from a very young age; therefore, good socialization when they are puppies is key. With their super fluffy fur and mischievous smile, who can resist the charm of Pomeranians? Luckily, these adorable little dogs love to get all the attention they get for their distinctive appearance.

You can easily greet and pet a Pomeranian without any problem; their curious minds are often eager to explore what's going on around them. They are lively, cheerful, and love to make their humans laugh, making them the perfect furry family friend for those looking for an energetic companion. Newfoundland dogs are absolutely huge (they can grow anywhere from 100 to 150 pounds), but don't let this discourage you. While it's no surprise that a dog their size needs special care and a good space to go outside, they're actually docile giants; it's no wonder they're known as “babysitter dogs” for no reason.

Boston Terriers, who require regular exercise and thrive on human contact, are people's typical dog, and it's a reputation they've earned over the years. They are quite quiet, which contradicts their origins in the early 19th century as fighting dogs, and their compact size makes them easy to travel with. Even so, they get bored easily, so they will need a lot of attention and stimulation. Ashleigh is a digital editor at PetsRadar.

With more than 8 years of experience in print and digital media, she has served as editorial director on a variety of projects, with a strong interest in animal-related issues. As an avid animal lover, you can often find Ashleigh checking out the latest trends in animal care or watching videos of cute cats on TikTok. Bred to be hunting companions for trackers in the UK, beagles are often a favorite of the whole family. Playful and chatty, beagles are fantastic playmates for kids in the backyard, as long as you have a fenced yard so they don't follow their nose as strong as the from a neighborhood rabbit.

After a day of hard play, they'll be ready to spend a quiet afternoon with their families. For a small dog, the gentlemanly Boston terrier has a great personality. They can be great playmates for kids and lazy TV addicts, it all depends on the time of day. Boston terriers are lively and friendly, so always make sure they get a lot of attention so they don't feel anxious about the separation.

With such a majestic name, you'd expect the Cavalier King Charles spaniel to be a little smug. But that perception couldn't be more wrong. Friendly to cats, children and other dogs, Cavs are usually a perfect fit for virtually any family and lifestyle. Do you spend a lot of time reading on the couch? A Cavalier will happily sleep in your lap. Are you more fond of outdoor activities? It will also be by your side for walks and trips to the park.

No matter who you are, sweet and quiet Cocker Spaniels will be happy to cuddle with you. These lap dogs live well with young children and older adults, and they also get along well with other members of the four-legged family. Cockers can be a little reserved when meeting new people, but it doesn't take long for a stranger to become their best friend (especially when it comes to scratching their ears and receiving treats).). The goldendoodle is a curly haired combination of two of the friendliest dog breeds, the golden retriever and the poodle.

This double dose of affectionate nature makes goldendoodles gentle and gentle companions, ideal for first-time dog owners. Plus, because of their poor prey instinct, you don't have to worry about your doodling going after cats or other small animals; they're too interested in making friends to chase them down. Like many other dogs on this list, they require a lot of exercise and don't like to be left alone, so you should make sure that your household is dedicated to taking care of a large dog. Boston terriers generally get along very well with children, other dogs and dog-friendly cats, but be careful if the game gets too loud; remember that, despite its great personality, the Boston is a small dog. They are incredibly enthusiastic and boisterous dogs, they love to be around humans and are very loyal to family members.

When she's not writing, you can find her petting every dog in the neighborhood in sight or knitting sweaters for her cats. These loving dogs want to socialize, and the more positive attention you give them, the more you'll receive in exchange. The size of this gentle giant working dog may scare some, but Newfoundland's sweet, patient, and gentle behavior is perfect for everyone, including children, other dogs, and dog-friendly cats. Corgis are known for being highly sociable and intelligent dogs that love to spend time with their families.

However, they should be socialized from the time they are puppies to reduce their tendency to distrust other dogs, and they need regular exercise and attention...

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